Ballroom Music Tempo

Tempo of dances vary. Hollywood Ballroom has an nice summary. Since fusion ballroom  is a mix of international standard and american smooth, tempos for fusion dances need to accomodate both styles, neither too fast nor too slow.

Suggested Tempos

Waltz - 29-30 mpm (measures per minute). Tango - 30 mpm. Viennese Waltz - 53-54 mpm. Foxtrot - approximately 30  mpm. Quickstep - approximatedly 50 mpm. Hollywood Ballroom summary presents a summary of tempos labeled bpm (beats per minute). Choice of tempos is based on NCDA, USADance, and  WDSF.


To start, we provide Amazon Digital Music for some sample dances choosing dances where the mpm are in the above ranges. Music tempos are hard to automatically count. Everyone should be cautious in using bpm counters since results vary.